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Drumstick Ice Cream Cone Cookies! (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

These cookies are inspired by the favorite NESTLE'S DRUMSTICK ICE CREAM CONES. They are a soft chewy cookie stuffed with crushed sugar cones wrapped around a fudge center. Then dipped in a chocolate shell and topped with crushed peanuts. Top with vanilla ice cream and you have the best summer cookies and gluten free dessert!


  • Your favorite Nestle Drumstick ice cream cone made into a cookie.

  • Secretly made with no gluten or dairy. Cookie dough is made with no white sugar.

  • A soft chewy cookie full of flavor and nostalgia.

  • They are fun and will impress parties. Kids love them!

  • They take a few steps but are still so easy to make.

  • They are completely original, no other cookies on Google like these!



1. I used Bob’s 1:1 GF flour, but any all purpose flour should work, gluten free or regular. If you'd like to make these cookies paleo, you can swap for paleo-friendly flours. This paleo swap will be listed in the note section of the recipe card.

2. I do not suggest substituting the coconut sugar, because it is tried and true when mixed with molasses. If you do want to substitute for a lower FODMAP option, I suggest granulated maple sugar as a swap.

3. Just a touch of molasses in these cookies to create a brown sugar substitute. This is what gives your cookies a chewy texture. Blackstrap molasses is rich in iron and minerals and actually a superfood! You can substitute this for any molasses but do not omit it!

4. I used Miyoko’s butter here, but any vegan stick butter should work, or regular grass fed butter.

5. I use gluten free sugar cones in these cookies to get that true 'drumstick cone' flavor. These can be omitted or replaced with any sugar cone.

5. Crushed peanuts may be replaced with any other crushed nut. They are just true to the original drumstick cone.


(See recipe card below for full ingredient list and instructions)

1. First make the fudge filling by adding the chocolate chips in a bowl and pouring warmed milk over them, whisking until they melt. Then refrigerate this ganache fudge until firm.

2. Make the cookie dough (as per instructed below) and chill. Once chilled, roll into balls and push each dough ball flat. Place the refrigerated fudge in the center, and wrap the dough around the fudge.

3. Roll the dough back into balls and add extra crushed sugar cones on top. Bake.

4. Remove cookies and let cool to room temperature. Melt chocolate chips in a small bowl and dip the tops of the cookies. Top with crushed peanuts. Option to enjoy with vanilla ice cream for the full drumstick experience!



What baking tools are needed for gluten free chocolate chip cookies?

  • 1 oz. cookie scoop, or a tablespoon measuring spoon for scooping the dough

  • Baking sheet

Are these gluten free drumstick cookies easy to make?

Yes! A few steps but all very easy baking.

The dough and the chocolate fudge are both made and then chilled. Once chilled, the cookie dough is scooped and flattened and fudge balls go into the center. Then the dough is wrapped around the fudge, and they are baked for only 11-12 minutes. Dip in some melted chocolate and top with nuts!

Can I make these chocolate chip cookies grain free and paleo?

It depends! You can make the cookie dough paleo-friendly by using this paleo chocolate chip cookie recipe here. Rest of the cookie dough recipe remains the same. But I have yet to find paleo-friendly sugar cones. You can use any crushed grain free wafer or vanilla cookie in substitution. Before baking, push the tops of the cookie dough balls a bit flat. The paleo version of these cookies tend to not spread as much as the GF version.

Can I make these cookies vegan?

I haven't tested these cookies to be vegan, yet. This would just require the eggs to be replaced, and it has not been tested so I cannot promise the same results. I have a lot of vegan recipes on the blog though, just search vegan in the search bar!


1. Make sure the dough AND fudge are chilled to solid before assembling and baking.

2. The dough balls must be rolled after the dough is wrapped around the brownie ball, so they bake into even circles.

3. Keep them 3"apart on the cookie sheet, they'll spread a lot!

4. Do not overbake or they will be dry! Remove from oven at 10 minutes to check on them, then put them in another 1-2 minutes. The edges should just be set, center should be slightly gooey and JUST underbaked.

5. The waffle cones may get a little soft once baked in the batter, if you don't prefer this then add the waffle cones just on top before baking and skip them in the batter!

If you make these gluten free drumstick ice cream cone cookies, leave me questions or comments below! And tag me of your creations on Insta @gutsy_baker!


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