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Frozen No Bake Lemonade Tart (Dairy Free, Low Fodmap, Paleo)

Celebrating this last week of August with a cold, refreshing FROZEN PINK LEMONADE TART.

As much as I love seeing warm and cozy foods on my feed… it's still hot here, days are still long, nights are still warm, and I’m not ready to say goodbye yet!

I was inspired by Ellie from 335 Kitchen to make a pink lemonade pie. She has a beautiful pie on her feed and a story of her mother making this pie when she grew up. (go check it out on her site!) Since I’m on a restricted diet and have to eat clean, I was inspired by the creative idea of this and made a version that is slightly different, paleo and low fodmap. It’s tangy and lemony with a sweet graham cracker crust. And it’s SO GOOD.

Fun fact: pink lemons are real! I had a pink lemon tree when I first moved to California. This is where pink lemonade originated. Since I don't have a green thumb it unfortunately didn't last long. And since I’m not in California I had to use a natural food coloring to achieve this pink color. But it's still just as fun to eat!

The best part, this is a NO BAKE tart, so you just need to mix your ingredients and freeze. The best kind of baking, amiright?

What do I need?

  • A tart pan, or you can make this into a pie and use a pie dish

  • A microwave or stovetop to heat your gelatin

  • A whisk and two bowls

  • Freezer space!

What’s in this pink lemonade tart?

Graham Crackers: I have some paleo dairy free graham crackers on my feed that taste JUST like real Honey Maid graham crackers. I used these. But you can use any GF or regular graham cracker of choice. This is your crust base

Plant Based Butter or Grass Fed Butter: Any butter will do here! This is the wet ingredient for your no-bake crust.

Coconut Sugar: Adds a bit of sweet and stickiness to your crust layer

Coconut Cream: The base of your lemonade layer. Coconut cream works best here, but canned coconut milk may work, too

Honey, Agave OR Maple Syrup: Whichever you prefer. I used honey because I wanted to keep my filling light-colored so it's a pretty pink

Lemon Juice: Freshly squeezed! The bottled kind will be too acidic for this tart

Coconut Oil: This helps solidify the filling. Also some healthy fats (and so good for the gut and skin)

Tapioca Starch: Tapioca is the best paleo binder in baking (typically corn starch is used). This will hold together your filling

Unsweetened Gelatin: I use gelatin in so many of my baked goods! It's so good for gut healing. Here it makes the tart filling nice and gelatinous

Natural Food Coloring: I used Color Kitchen Foods powder, but you can use any natural pink coloring or beet root powder!


The crust:

1 cup of my paleo graham cracker crumbs (on my feed, they’re true to the real deal) OR any graham crackers of choice

4 tbsp plant based butter, ghee or grass fed butter

2 tbsp of coconut sugar

The filling:

1 cup of coconut cream

2+ tbsp of honey, agave or maple syrup

4 tbsp of squeezed lemon juice

Zest from that lemon

4 tsp of melted coconut oil

2 tsp of tapioca starch + 2 tsp of hot water

3 tbsp of water

2 tsp of unsweetened gelatin

Optional 3-4 drops of natural food coloring or beet powder to make it pink

Make the Crust:

Crush graham crackers into crumbs so they equal one cup. Mix well into butter and coco sugar until it makes a dough. Grease up a tart pan or a pie dish, and push the dough into the pan until covered and even. Optional to sprinkle some extra crumbs on top. Set aside.

Make the Filling:

Whisk the coconut cream, honey (sweetener), lemon juice/zest, coconut oil in a bowl. In a separate cup, stir the tapioca starch in the hot water until fully dissolved. Whisk that in to coconut cream mixture. Add in food coloring if you are using it and mix until blended.

In a small saucepan, add the water and sprinkle gelatin on top. Let it form a skin, about 2 minutes. And then turn the heat on and whisk until all melted, frothy and dissolved. You can also do this in the microwave. Then add this into your bowl and whisk all together. Taste to make sure it's sweet enough and add more sweetener if you'd like.

Pour the mixture on top of your crust base. Carefullyyyyy place in freezer until set, about45 minutes. Remove and top with more lemon zest, white chocolate chips, coconut shreds, whatever floats ya boat.

Slice up and enjoy!

Recipe notes:

- Make sure to melt the gelatin in hot water, per the recipe, before adding to the filling mix

- Only use fresh squeezed lemon juice. The bottled kind will be too acidic!

- Store in freezer, will last a long time in there, too

- You can of course omit the pink food coloring, it will just be a white-yellow color

-I have not tried any subs in this recipe, but if you do let me know.

Let me know if you made this tart in the comments below!

xo Stephanie