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Gluten Free Vanilla Funfetti Birthday Cupcakes (Low FODMAP)

The cutest and brightest birthday cupcakes with an easy colorful swirled frosting and soft gluten free vanilla cake filled with sprinkles. You will never know these vanilla cupcakes are gluten free, and option to make without white sugar! They will cheer up anyone's day or birthday for every age!


  • Soft and fluffy cupcakes

  • Just a few pantry ingredients

  • Swirled frosting can be made in any color, or stay white for classic cupcakes

  • Secretly gluten free, dairy free and option for no refined sugar

  • Fun to make and always a crowd pleaser!


  • All purpose gluten free flour

  • Dairy free butter

  • Eggs

  • Sea salt

  • Coconut sugar or granulated sugar

  • Baking Powder

  • Dairy Free Milk

  • Vanilla Extract

  • Powdered Sugar or Powdered Sweetener

  • Natural Food Colorings or Colored Food Powders


  1. You can swap the non-dairy butter for melted coconut oil, or any neutral oil.

  2. Gluten free flour blend I use is Bob's Red Mill. No other has been tested, but King Arthur should work here. I have not yet tried to swap with any other flours.

  3. Egg swaps have not been tested, but I suggest an egg substitute like Bob's Red Mill over a flax egg for this recipe.

  4. Powdered sugar is used in the frosting, powdered monkfruit or other powdered sweetener should work the same for a refined sugar free option.

  5. I use natural color food powders for the frosting (derived from vegetables), never artificial colors! I love Color Kitchen Foods products.


This is such an easy method and is always impressive and fun to see it come together!

1. Once you make the buttercream by mixing together all ingredients together with a hand or stand mixer, decide how many colors you'd like to make.

2. I made 6 colors to create a pretty rainbow swirl. Gather the amount of bowls you'll need, one for each color.

3. Divide the frosting evenly into the bowls. Add food coloring to each bowl, adding just a touch for pastel colors.

4. Once colors are mixed, refrigerate the bowls for 10 minutes for frosting to firm up.

5. Using plastic wrap, cut a piece 12-14" long. Remove bowls from the fridge and using a small spatula or spoon, carefully spread each color in a vertical line onto the plastic wrap. Line them up side by side, being careful not to mix the colors together.

6. Once all colors are laid out on the plastic, lift one end of the plastic along the edge of the first frosting color and fold over to the other side, on top of the last color in line, creating a circle or "tube" of colors. Twist the ends of the plastic together to seal the frosting.

7. Cut the tip off one of the plastic ends, and place the entire plastic wrap of frosting into a piping bag.

8. Twist the end of the piping bag and pipe as usual!


Can I make vanilla birthday cupcakes vegan?

I haven't tried an egg substitute here, but an egg replacer like Bob's Red Mill should work. Egg replacers are a bit heavy and can be gummy, so keep in mind the texture of the cupcakes will change.

Are gluten free vanilla funfetti cupcakes also low FODMAP?

Yes! According to Monash University findings, the ingredients in these vanilla cupcakes are low FODMAP per single serving. To ensure they are very low FODMAP, swap the coconut sugar for pure cane sugar in the cupcakes.

Can I make the cupcakes other flavors?

This recipe was adapted from my blackberry lemon cupcakes and my strawberry lemonade cupcakes, if you prefer a lemon cupcake to a vanilla, use this lemon cupcake recipe!

Why did my frosting colors mix together?

This could be because your frosting was too warm, or at room temp, when you spread onto the plastic wrap. Make sure you refrigerate the bowls of frosting before you spread onto plastic and add to the piping bag! Also make sure the colors don't mix together when spreading them onto the plastic and carefully roll the plastic up so they just touch.

Any other questions? Leave them in the comment box below!

And if you love this recipe, make sure to leave a rating and tag me on instagram @gutsy_baker!


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