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Paleo Carrot Cake Bars with Robin's Egg Frosting (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

I thought it would be fun this year to make a carrot cake, but give it a little twist and make into bars with some Robin Egg buttercream frosting! The light blue frosting just gives a fun spring feel and also cute for the kiddos. And not only are they cute but DANG are they good.

If you are looking for a delicious and adorable paleo dessert, gluten free dessert or even a paleo, healthy snack with your afternoon tea or coffee, you have to try these carrot cake bars.


Carrots: The star of the show! They must be finely grated, it can be done ahead of time to save some time

Coconut Sugar: My baking sugar of choice. It’s low glycemic and safe on most low carb diets. It doesn’t taste like coconut! But you can replace this with any other granulated sweetener

Maple Syrup: Just a touch of maple syrup compliments these bars perfectly

Almond Flour: My go to paleo flour, it is a neutral flavor and adds moisture. It unfortunately can’t be substituted

Oat Flour or Coconut Flour: Oat flour and coconut flour work similar with almond flour. I prefer oat flour for its texture and flavor. Coconut flour tends to add a slight grit in recipes, but either work here. Coconut flour keeps these paleo!

Eggs: 2 eggs bind together these bars. I haven’t tried a substitute but flax eggs may work here.

Warming Spices: Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves are used in this recipe to create that warm iconic carrot cake flavor

Sea Salt: balances out sweetness in all baking recipes

Baking Powder and Soda: Both act together to give this heavier cake a nice fluffy rise

Unrefined or Confectionary Powdered Sugar: I always make my own unrefined powdered sugar by putting any granulated sweetener in a high speed blender for 30 seconds.

Vanilla Extract: Adds a touch of vanilla flavor to the cake and frosting

Coconut Oil: My baking oil of choice but you can substitute for any neutral baking oil like grapeseed oil

Dates and Nuts: These are the add ins to the cake. I like dates and walnuts but you can sub for raisins and any other nut — pistachio or pecans! Dates are used in a small serving size here so they remain low fodmap friendly.

Natural Blue Food Coloring: I use Color Kitchen Foods color powders. But any natural food coloring works!

These paleo carrot cake bars are paleo, gluten free, dairy free and full of flavor!

Because of the moisture content of carrots, these bars are super moist and full of flavor and with add ins like dates and walnuts to give it a great texture. The base of the bars are almond flour, mixed with either oat flour or coconut flour. There is no dairy or refined sugar in these bars, making them a healthy, clean and lower carb treat! These carrot bars have been approved by normal, picky eaters.

Are these carrot cake bars gut-friendly?

Yes, these are gut-friendly and low FODMAP friendly! They are free of grains, and if oat flour is not tolerated, coconut flour can be used. They do have 1/4 cup of dates in the whole recipe, but it’s a very small serving and safe serving per bar for a low FODMAP diet.

Are these paleo carrot cake bars easy to make?

Yes! Easy level baking. The only baking tool required is a hand or stand mixer to make the frosting.

The robin's egg buttercream frosting though!

The blue frosting is what makes these bars so cute and so SPRING. And perfect for Easter! But you can of course omit the blue food coloring and they’ll be a pretty white frosting. I used Color Kitchen Foods blue color powder packets, but you can also naturally color this with blue butterfly pea powder. You can use any powdered sugar for the frosting, just know if you use a brown sugar like coconut sugar, your frosting won’t bright blue! You can use powdered monkfruit as a suggestion or traditional confectionary powdered sugar if you aren’t paleo.

How do I make my own unrefined powdered sugar?

I suggest powdered monkfruit in this recipe to keep the carrot bars paleo-compliant. To make your own unrefined powdered sugar, place any granulated sweetener in a high speed blender for 30-60 seconds. I prefer to use coconut sugar because it is my go to low glycemic sweetener but you can use any granulated sugar. If you use coconut sugar in this recipe, just keep in mind that your blue won’t be vibrant!

How to store the carrot cake bars?

Store the bars unfrosted on the countertop for up to 2 days, slightly vented on a dish or container. They will keep their moisture better at room temperature. Once frosted, store in the fridge in an airtight container for up to 5 days. These also freeze well. Cut into bars and store in freezer individually for up to 3 months and defrost at room temperature when ready to enjoy.

What do I need for these paleo carrot cake bars?

  • Hand mixer/beater for the frosting

  • 8x8” square baking pan

  • Grater to shred carrots

  • A small clean paintbrush for creating speckles

These carrot cake bars look like a lot of ingredients but it’s mostly spices! Don’t be intimidated, this recipe is really easy.


(see recipe card below for full ingredients, instructions and details)

1. Preheat oven to 350F and line an 8”x8” square baking pan.

2. Mx together the almond flour, oat or coconut flour, shredded coconut, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, baking powder, baking soda and sea salt.

3. In a larger mixing bowl, whisk together the coconut sugar, melted and cooled coconut oil, vanilla, maple syrup, and room temperature eggs (this is important so the coconut oil does not coagulate — place them in a bowl of warm water for 3 minutes if they are not room temperature) until well combined and smooth.

4. Add the dry ingredients to the wet and mix until just combined. Now add in the shredded carrots, dates and nuts. Mix again with a spatula or spoon until incorporated.

5. Carefully fold the batter into the prepared baking pan and spread until even.

6. Bake 22-28 minutes, edges will brown and top will set.

7. Prepare the buttercream frosting. Once desired consistency, add in blue food color powder or natural blue food coloring. Start with just a few drops so it’s a pastel blue.

9. Generously frost with the blue frosting.

10. Melt the chocolate chips. Dip a clean small paintbrush into the chocolate and flick it back with your fingers to create speckled splashes onto the frosting.

See my video below!

Here's a quick video on how I made them and speckled the frosting.

Other notes to make the perfect carrot cake bars:

  • To make vegan: I have not tried egg subs here but I do think flax eggs will work (2 tbsp ground flax + 6 tbsp warm water) You can also try 1/2 cup of applesauce or a banana!

  • To make your own unrefined powdered sugar, place any granulated sweetener in a high speed blender for 30-60 seconds.

  • You can use any powdered sugar for the frosting, just know if you use a brown sugar like coconut sugar, your frosting won’t bright blue!

  • You may also frost these bars with melted coconut butter! Melt gently on stove while mixing in blue food color.


If you make these pretty robin egg carrot cake bars, leave me comments and ratings below, I love to hear from you! And tag me @gutsy_baker in your creations on Instagram.


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