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Reverse Polkadot Chocolate Chip Cookies (Paleo, Low Fodmap)

I’m feeling a little disappointed these days as I got a call to go back to my full time job at the end of the month (I was working on a streaming series production that went down when covid first struck). I have been having a lot of fun in the kitchen, creating all these fun foods, learning photography all over again, and sharing them with you all. I finally got a blog off the ground that I have been wanting for years! I will still keep up with it all and my baking, it will just have to be baking, shooting, editing and writing on nights and weekends. I can’t stop now!

I made these cookies for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, but why not switch it up and reverse the cookie? Yep, the cookie is chocolate and the chips are white! And they are the fudgiest chocolateyist cookies ever.

They are low carb/diabetic friendly, flourless, and dairy free. And they take 15 minutes from start to finish!

What’s in these polkadot cookies?

Almond butter: The most neutral nut butter to bake with in terms of flavor. You can replace this with any other nut butter but it has to be RUNNY. And a natural almond butter made with just almonds and salt.

Eggs: to bind and lift the cookies. You can try to substitute with a flax or egg replacer, I just haven’t tried

Coconut Oil: This keeps the cookies from drying out when baking

Cacao powder: The chocolate in your cookies. Cacao is a superfood and really rich in antioxidants. You can also use a good quality cocoa powder (preferably Dutch)

Coconut sugar: My go to sweetener for all my baked goods, it is low GI and safe on low carb diets. It does not taste like coconut! This can be subbed for brown sugar

Baking soda: Makes the cookies rise

Sea salt: This activates the baking soda

White chocolate chips: I used Lily’s chocolate chips, they are only sweetened with Stevia and have no funny after taste. If you want dairy free, I know Nestle has a new line of dairy free chips


  • 1 cup runny almond butter (natural, just almonds and salt)

  • 2 eggs, slightly beaten

  • 3/4 tsp vanilla extract

  • 1 1/2 tsp melted coconut oil

  • 1/3 cup unsweetened cacao or good quality cocoa powder

  • 5 tbsp coconut sugar (you can add up to a 1/2 cup for a sweeter cookie or try subbing with monkfruit for keto)

  • 1/2 tsp baking soda

  • 1/4 tsp sea salt

  • 1/2 cup of white chocolate chips


  1. Mix all the ingredients together until it forms a nice dough. Yep, this is a one-bowl recipe! Try not to over mix, just until it's all combined.

  2. Mix in the white chocolate chips.

  3. Using a tablespoon, roll into balls. They will be 2 tbsp per ball. Place onto a lined thin cookie sheet. Push a little flat with fingers about 3/4” thick (batter will be a little oily). Add extra white chocolate chips on top.

  4. Bake at 350F for 6-8 minutes until edges are set, DON’T OVERBAKE! The trick is to take them out a tad undercooked for real soft fudgey texture. Otherwise they’ll be dry. Makes 8-10 cookies.

Recipe Notes:

- If you aren’t paleo you can sub coconut sugar for brown sugar and they’ll be even more fudgey!

- DON’T OVERBAKE! The trick is to take them out a tad undercooked for real soft fudgey texture. Otherwise they’ll be dry.

- You can add up to a 1/2 cup of coconut sugar for a sweeter cookie, or try subbing with monkfruit for a keto friendly version

-You can try to substitute the eggs with flax eggs or egg replacer, I haven’t tried it yet but it will change the texture. Let me know if you try it!



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